Wills & Estates

Lawyers:    Ryan Hager    Jason Demers    Stefanie Stamm

This area of law deals with planning for incapacity as well the legal issues relating to death and inheritance of assets.

General Wills and Estate Planning

Lawyers:    Ryan Hager       Stefanie Stamm

We are here to advise you on general planning considerations and to prepare commonly used estate planning tools such as Wills, Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives

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Estate Administration

Lawyers:    Ryan Hager    Jason Demers   

When someone has passed away or has become incapable of making sound decisions about their legal affairs, there are many rules and responsibilities for those who may be responsible for managing those affairs or for those wishing to take on that responsibility. We can help.

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Advice for Attorneys, Trustees and Executors

Lawyers:    Ryan Hager    Jason Demers    Stefanie Stamm

If you are the Power of Attorney named in an Enduring Power of Attorney and need advice about your responsibilities or what to do if someone has challenged your ability to make a decision, please call us and let us help you decide what options are available.

Guardianship Applications

Lawyers:    Ryan Hager    Jason Demers    Stefanie Stamm

Where a family member or friend has become incapable of making legal decisions for themselves, but does not have a valid Enduring Power of Attorney, a Guardianship Application may be a necessary step for someone to step in and take on the responsibility. We would be pleased to advise you and to assist you in completing this process where appropriate.