Commercial Transactions

Lawyers:   Ryan Hager    Stefanie Stamm
Assistants:    Brenda Yanciw 


Lawyers:   Ryan Hager    Stefanie Stamm      
Assistants:    Brenda Yanciw

Buying or selling an existing business requires managing many details and deadlines as well as an understanding of how different businesses require different processes and unique considerations to be adressed.

  • We can advise and help you draft your intitial purchase offers and contracts for either Asset or Share purchases when  you are buying or selling a business.
  • We can assist with review of franchise agreements, commercial lease documents and other critical documents.
  • We will advise you during your due diligence process as you require and ensure that that the necessary corporate actions are taken where required and that the proper documents are in place to complete your transaction.

commercial Real ESTate Purchases and Sales

Lawyers:  Ryan Hager   Stefanie Stamm          
Assistants:    Brenda Yanciw 

We can assist with your purchase, sale, or refinance of business property and have the practical experience to manage the transaction and any issues that may come up for you.

  • We have experience dealing with both large banks, individual private lenders and virtually everything in between.

  • We understand and are able to explain all of the various forms of security that commercial lenders require for mortgage transactions and to ensure that the documents are prepared and reviewed correctly.

  • We understand the importance of getting transactions completed efficiently and on time to meet your business goals.

Commercial Lease Drafting and Review

Lawyers:  Ryan Hager   Stefanie Stamm                                      

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we have the experience to advise and assist you in negotiating leases for your commercial space, taking into account the specifics of the property and business types involved.

We pride ourselves on taking a reasonable and rational approach in reviewing and negotiating to protect your interests, but not to waste your time or run up your bill.  While there is no such thing as a "simple" commercial lease that will adequately protect the interests of landlord or give certainty to a tenant, it doesn't mean that we can't help you make sense of the mountain of terms that commercial leases include.

Joint Ventures

Lawyers:  Ryan Hager   Stefanie Stamm          
Assistants:   Brenda Yanciw

Whether you need to create a legal structure for a real estate investment or development or for other business projects, we have the experience to advise you clearly on the benefits of various business organizations, including the popular Joint Venture Agreement.   Such an agreement may be just what you're looking for but give us a call and let us help you decide.  We can help create an agreement to meet your business goals.

Real Estate Development

Lawyers:  Ryan Hager   Stefanie Stamm          
Assistants:  Brenda Yanciw

We can draft and review construction and real estate purchase contracts, draft condominium by-laws, advise you with respect to encumbrances and restrictions on titles, work with your surveyors, contractors and other professionals, and help you manage the ultimate sale(s)

If you are developing a condominium project we can assist from the earliest planning stages  to the ultimate turnover of the condominium corporation, working with your other consultants and advisors.