The Ribtor Building

Discover the heritage of the Ribtor BuildingIn choosing the location for HD Law Group, the usual considerations of cost, accessibility, services, and the like were certainly highly important considerations. But another consideration that really focused our search was to get a space with a certain “cool” factor.  We looked at spaces with balconies and rooftop patios.  We looked at spaces with an elevator opening right into the middle of the office. We looked at penthouse offices and basement offices.  The last thing we wanted was a forgettable space.  When we drove up to the Ribtor Building the first time to look at the space we thought, “This is a pretty interesting old brick building” but we didn’t know a lot about it.  When we walked into the office and looked around, we fell in love with the look of the old exposed brick, post and beam construction with giant exposed timber beams and fir ceilings and we knew that we could take that exposed history that was in front of us and enhance it with modern elements while allowing that history to shine through.

I had heard of the Ribtor building and it was always one of those memorable beltline buildings with the black and white lettering on the red brick that catch your eye.  Being just east of Macleod Trail, a few blocks north of the Stampede grounds and the BMO Centre and with the current revitalization and upcoming development work in surrounding Victoria Park and nearby East Village it felt like the right place for HD Law Group to be.  We too, want to do something new with the practice of law, a stately but slow-moving and conservative beast, and being in a historic area of Calgary undergoing revitalization continues to feed that desire every day.

Please see this wonderful informative history of the Ribtor building, from its early days as a farm implement warehouse and bicycle factory, to the famed Ribtor hardware store, to its current re-imagining as office space with history and class.